General Manager

Mr. Pratap Babu Tiwari

General Manager



Spokes Person

Mr. Dipak Kumar Bajracharya

Officiating Director

Contact No: 071-597029, 977-9768379055


Information officer

Mr. Binod Singh Rawat

Senior Officer

Phone: 071-597030, 977-9768379056

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Monthly Flight Movement Data

Updated at 2023-Apr

Aircraft movement Passenger movement Cargo movement(In kgs)
Domestic Arrival 381 Domestic Passenger In 22203 Domestic IN 25312.71
Domestic Departure 381 Domestic Passenger Out 22737 Domestic Out 11705.68
Total 762 Total 44940 Total 37018.39
Aircraft movement
Domestic Arrival 381
Domestic Departure 381
Total 762
Passenger movement
Domestic Passenger In 22203
Domestic Passenger Out 22737
Total 44940
Cargo movement(In kgs)
Domestic IN 25312.71
Domestic Out 11705.68
Total 37018.39