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Admin     22 Mar, 2022

The beautiful Karnali River is calm as it flows through Bardia. Rafting gives you a great opportunity to see the park from the river. You see birds and animals on the riverbanks as you slowly float down the river. If you are lucky you might see the rare Gangetic river dolphin.

Take a jeep or bicycle and explore the area around the Karnali River. You can visit Rajapur where there is a water tower with hundreds of bats. Starting at Chisapani Bridge, seen as the gateway to Far Western Nepal, the landscape northward is varied with river gorges, beautiful white beaches, rice and wheatfields, forests and remote mountain villages with houses made of wood and clay. Not yet discovered by tourists, you will experience the authentic and unspoiled Nepal where time has stood still.

For those who want to try their hand angling, there are many good spots to go fishing on the Karnali, Babai and Bheri rivers. The best seasons for fishing are from October to November and February to May.